Monday, August 20, 2007

Nando's...! Cooking...!

Nando's,the South African restaurant chain, which serves Portugese food, is opening soon their branch at The Avenues,Kuwait. Now I do not have to plead with my wife to buy and carry their sauces, especially my fav pepper sauce all the way from South Africa. The first time I had food at Nandos was at their branch at Emperor's Palace Casino in Joberg,South Africa.The next time was at the Nando's at Pretoria.Peri-Peri ...very hot and spicy..Guess they will be rolling out the less hot and spicy version for Kuwaitis.The normal Indian spicy food is too hot for the Arabs... Wonder what will happen to them if they try the Very Hot flavour ones at Nando's? :)

Last friday I was in a cooking mood.Almost all the Indian restaurants in Kuwait have only Biriyani on their Friday Lunch menu. Biriyani is too heavy for me.So I decided to cook some rice and chicken. I have experimented with chicken but wasn't satisfied with the recipe I was following. So there I was searching for a different chicken curry recipe when I came across a simple Tuna recipe.I have never before tried my hand at cooking any dish with Tuna.So I skipped the chicken and settled on Tuna. And then I found out that I had no fresh tomatoes, no chillies in the fridge.Improvise...improvise... And improvise I instead of fresh tomatoes, I put in Tomato Paste. Chilly paste instead of fresh green chillies. And a few generous splashes of my favorite Nando's Traditional Pepper Sauce! And the dish came out well...I was surprised and a little proud.

That was one perfect dish. Not bad, eh? Now what am I going to cook this Friday?


Seena said...

thats why I called you a perfect cook! hmm true?
Try a biryani next friday..!Good luck!

Prajusha said...

this looks nice.

esvee said...

@Seena:Let me bask in the glory till you taste any of my dishes.:) I do not like Biriyani. So i tried a fried rice today.Came out OK.Should buy a skillet :)

@Prajusha:It tasted good too! Thanks for visiting my blog.

smg said...

south african chain serving portugese stuff in kuwait... (smiley for the head spinning to be placed here) !!!!!!!

and u like to cook!! i like u!

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