Thursday, August 16, 2007

At last...!

I had been negelcting my blog all these months. I am not sure whether it could be called neglect. I had started on many topics but then I never completed any. There were so many subjects I felt so strongly about...but left them all unfinished. Today I decided it's time I stopped this lackadaisical attempts, this I sat myself down and started writing...

I had joined a social networking site, after hesitating for months. I was pleasantly surprised that within few days my friends' list started growing. Not so fast..but growing... slowly! Old school mates, collegemates, ex-colleagues, new friends... they still keep dropping in.....And then one day I came across a very nice person who is now a very special friend. We started off talking about "Ijaazat" - my fav hindi movie. And then we found out that we had too many mutual friends... in due course I made her listen to a few heavy metal/rock songs too ( I couldn't resist that!)...and she still listens to them...Hmm! so much for the one who was prejudiced against rock music.(maybe it's time I introduced her to the heavy heavy metal songs!!! * grinning evilly* ) Always smiling...cheerful's to you Prenitha (raising a toast!) Wonder why we never met when i was at Trivandrum? Thank you for being a very good friend.

I have been listening to Roger Waters (in the flesh -live DVD ) and Megadeth (Greatest Hits) continuously..! One creates a psychedelic world with his philosophical lyrics, guitar riffs,elaborate musical arrangements, but mellow all together music that really takes you away while the other talks about war, destruction, governments, politics with a heavy sound..addictive...highly addictive both of them...!

I am trying out Wordpress. I will be posting both at my old blog and the new Wordpress blog.The header photo for the Wordpress blog was taken by me at South Africa during my vacation last year.

That brings me to my photography. I think I am among the rare few who still uses the old film based SLRs. I still haven't found a good digital picture which can beat the resolution of a emulsion film picture. Well many may disagree. The studios here in Kuwait doesn't stock any ISO 400 and above film rolls here in kuwait. I' m asking my friends who had gone on vacation to India to bring me a few ISO 200 and ISO 400 films.

I read someting today in the newspaper which irritated me...but i can't remember what that news item was..! But then that is a subject for another post.


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