Sunday, December 24, 2006

Xmas Time...!

Merry Christmas!!

May we all find peace and contentment in ourselves and with each other!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

South Africa...!

I am in South Africa for my vacation... Beautiful place...wide open places...and I am clicking...clicking...clicking...I am onto my sixth film roll.But I wish I had bought a wide angle lens for my SLR before I came down to SA...maybe I can rent it from here.The pics will be posted later...

If only they could bring down the violent crime rate...but I guess they are trying...!

And today is Nov 1... Happy Kerala Piravi day to all out there...!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yahoo Time Capsule project

Yahoo is inviting your contribution to the Time Capsule Project. You can add your pic, blog, podcast, messages or anything you would like to be seen by future generation.

Click here for Yahoo Time Capsule Project

You have till Nov 08,2006 to add your contribution.... The capsule will be opened in 2020!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Onam sadya... at office..... Now have to find a place to office :-))

Monday, September 04, 2006

Suing Kamal Haasan...!

I am going to sue Kamal Haasan for giving me ( and many others, for that matter) a complex..! an inferiority complex..a waaaaaaaay long inferiority complex!..Here is a guy who is around 55 plus looking so trim and fit ...and that too in linen shirts(though his face shows his age)...and me almost 20 years younger than him looking aaaaaggghhhh!!!!! (that was in stereo :-)

Saw "Vettaiyadu Villaiyadu" yesterday.Kamal Haasan's latest movie. After watching the CRAP (yes, its in block letters!) movies which the malayalam movie industry was churning out for the past few months, THIS IS THE MOVIE!(yes,this is also in block letters!) A movie I was hoping... longing to watch...sleek production,precise editing,beautiful music,excellent camerawork, beautiful Kamalinee(oops!) and Jyothika.Mallu directors please do learn how to make a movie..get help from Gautam Menon.(I am always of the opinion that the good mallu films all have gone with the demise of Bharathan, Padmarajan..!) Kamal Haasan is looking so good and he fits the role of DCP well.The story starts from Tamil Nadu, goes to New York and ends back in Tamil Nadu.Except for a brief spell in the second half the movie was so engrossing! The camerawork requires a special mention (Ravi Varma,if i am correct!)

Of the five songs of the movie ,my fav are "Partha Mudhal","Manjal Veyil","Uyirilae". All the songs are well listen will bring out those soft feelings we all have deep in our hearts! Guitars,Veena, Saxophone, Drums, Naadaswaram,Mouth Organ (there is another name for this musical instrument), all used so brilliantly... rhythm and melody a deadly combo... the songs are giving my twin-woofer tall speakers a workout... Harris Jayaraj...hats off to you! All catchy tunes! The other two songs are also good.. especially "Neruppe".The song.."Karka Karka" is ok for me... but i dont care much about rap...! My fav song being "Partha Mudhal"...good rhythm and lyrics..the beats in the begining made me think of Flamenco dancing.. ( or maybe because the picturisation has Kamalinee Mukherjee :-P ) And yes, she looks so good in the movie.We will surely be seeing her in more movies! Jyothika too did her role very well, but a little more emotion would have made it perfect.And the ruthless... so cruel... but then he has his own reason for his actions... but then don't we all have? Overall this film rocks..if the movie flashes in your mind even after one day after watching sure rocks! A must see film..(a little gory in some scenes,though!) I am giving 9 out of 10 for this movie. Thank you Kamal,Gautham,Harris, Ravi Varma and the editor (I couldn't get his name!) for a movie which I loved and won't mind watching again.Thanks again!

At last I updated my blog...Onam is here...Wishing you all a very Happy Onam and "vayaru niraye mrishtanna bhojanam"

....and now who all are joining me to sue Kamal Haasan?

Monday, March 20, 2006

...And I haven't..!

I haven't updated my blog for more than two months.Something or other turns up and that leaves my blog unattended.

I read the flash news that DIC will be contesting 140 seats on it's own.Now that Karunakaran and son found that they cannot enter UDF with the help of their partners in (all) crime(s),they have done a volte-face. Now they will contest the election all alone. I hope that the people will use this chance to show that even they dont need DIC in their midst. Especially the father-son duo. I used to respect karunakaran as a shrewd, able politician.But when he started playing games to prop up his son, the respect for him flew out. His recent gameplans are not earning him anything other than contempt.By the way what happened to the daughter?

The cartoons running in Kerala Kaumudi are worth a look. Here are a few..taken from their website (without permission!)

The above one will remain one of my favourite cartoons

Kerala kaumudi also runs a weekly column on sundays by "Anilan". He writes in a humorous way about the politics and other current issues. It's very funny to read. The columns used to appear on their website too.

The less said about CPM, the better. Why is that we dont have any other choice other than these two? That is one question I ask myself. And I am doing nothing to make a change.

I have another 100 gmail invites to be given away. If anyone needs one please leave a comment.

On to the professional front. I have been promoted. The new designation brings in additional responsibilities..and more countries.Here I come...Egypt,Cyprus,Bahrain,Lebanon!

I found out that the comments moderation for this blog was enabled.I disabled that option.

Take care all of you..Have great days! And hoping again I will update my blog at least once a week.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

New Year...!

The last quarter of the previous year was very hectic. We had too many retail and F&B store openings.

I had my yearly appraisal last month.For Tech support guys,like me,our work itself is an appraisal..sort of and that too throughout the year!.We didn't have any major issues last year,Thank God. And I managed to score well in my appraisal..Not a bad year professionally.

The year was good on personal front too.Rebuilding my life..And I thank my family and all my friends who were there supporting me all along,all those years...Much appreciated.

One of my new year resolutions was to update my blog once a week. And I broke that resolution even before it took off. :-) But then new year resolutions are made to be broken!

My office was having Thursday afternoon and Friday as weekoff days,as it is usual in Middle East. But from this year onwards,we are having Friday and Saturday as weekend off days! Two full days!! We sure need two days rest after supporting the "store people".Much appreciated New year gift from our Management!

I am playing with Linux nowadays! Especially Slackware and Debian.Guess I am falling in love with Slackware.

May you all have a wonderful year full of love,peace,contentment and happiness!

And I hope I will update my blog atleast once a week!