Thursday, July 28, 2005

Back to blogging...!

That was some writer's block..phew! Guess almost everyone goes through such a phase.There maybe reasons and excuses ranging from sheer laziness to technical problems(for me those two apply!).My residence telephone line was down from February.It got repaired only two days back.Mind you this happened in Kuwait.Numerous complaints at various levels and repeated visits to the telephone exchange didn't help.In the end we had to use "wasta" (more about this "wasta" later!).India is far far better.There are forums there where you can register your complaints and escalate if still nothing happens.I have never heard anyone going through such a situation in India.Come on guys six months to rectify a telephone connection problem!!!Tsk...Tsk...

And so much has happened after my last blog.The most important event. I got married. The marriage was kept a small function.I wanted to make it a grand one,but my friends advised me against that. (mookkattum kazhichittu "pazhathinu uppilla" ennu parayunnavara nammude aalukal-- this dialogue by one of my friends convinced me agianst splurging on the wedding! The rough translation of that dialogue is" the people fill up their stomach at the reception and then complain that the bananas lacked salt") Only intimate friends and relatives were invited.Still there were around 150 who attended and wished us well. And surprisingly the church ceremony got over in 20 mins.I am an Orthodox Christian.Our Sunday Mass and Marriage ceremonies are notorious (if i can use that word) for the time it takes to get finished. So for those Orthodox Christians who dread standing for one and half hours for the ceremony,my advise .. make it a second marriage! :-)) Me and my wife, we are taking each day as it comes.I hope I will always keep that lovely smile on my wife's face. So wish us luck. And the pics are at and use "shibuv" as password. And maybe you will let me know which snap you liked the best matter wise and composition wise.

Firefox 1.0.6 and Thunderbird 1.0.6 is out. Its a stability update release for both the mozilla products. That was for those who hate IE and Outlook Express.(and Microsoft!).Talking about Microsoft,they now say that Gator (remember?) is not a major spyware...because Gator was bought out by Microsoft!(Gator had changed the name before the buyout!)

And bombs in London and Egypt.The guys who did it and those who tried to have a second wave,they are all cowards.They know that at a face to face showdown they will never convince people with their"jihad" ideology.So they use terror tactics.Cowards aren't they! And look at the way they ran when their bombs didn't explode. And today Indian Home Minister told the Rajya Sabha "Government has received information that some individuals, vital scientific installations and some national monuments were under terrorist threat".(Read that at www. God help us all!

I was in Trivandrum for fifteen days.Had high hopes of getting wet in the rain.But during those fifteen days it never rained heavily.I miss the rains! Did I say that I love rains? I love walking in the rain just for the heck of it! ..getting drenched..and then taking a hot bath...and later sit down with a hot cup of tea, watching the rains..the cold winds changing the way the rain falls...and i can go on watching the rains...And i miss my Kerala and the rains!

I bought the CD of "Yeshuve Karunamayane" by V.J.Traven from Trivandrum.I love those songs.Not the traditional music we expect from the christian songs.Different music! More like rock songs! Lots of guitar! :-)) Someone told me he was ex-member of a rock group in Kochi.(Maybe that expalins the "rock music" feeling i got when i listened to the CD. With a little fusion music also?).Anyway that CD is continuously playing in my CD player.I am not a hardcore christian or a born again.I loved the music and the simple lyrics.I first heard those songs while traveling in my brother's car.Couldn't but buy the CD.He has also released one more album "Ente Esuvin Ormmakkayi".Bring out more of them Mr.Traven!

Talking about music CDs. Had dificulty finding a decent music store in Trivandrum where i could shop for audio cds.Especially hard rock audio cds.No luck. By the way there is a site for Trivandrumites.check out And there is a discussion about music stores in one forum.

I salute Lance Armstrong!

Kuwiat is too hot.Though official records say the range is between 45 to 49 degrees,it must be way above that.

Take care my friends.May this world be a better place for us all!