Thursday, January 12, 2006

New Year...!

The last quarter of the previous year was very hectic. We had too many retail and F&B store openings.

I had my yearly appraisal last month.For Tech support guys,like me,our work itself is an appraisal..sort of and that too throughout the year!.We didn't have any major issues last year,Thank God. And I managed to score well in my appraisal..Not a bad year professionally.

The year was good on personal front too.Rebuilding my life..And I thank my family and all my friends who were there supporting me all along,all those years...Much appreciated.

One of my new year resolutions was to update my blog once a week. And I broke that resolution even before it took off. :-) But then new year resolutions are made to be broken!

My office was having Thursday afternoon and Friday as weekoff days,as it is usual in Middle East. But from this year onwards,we are having Friday and Saturday as weekend off days! Two full days!! We sure need two days rest after supporting the "store people".Much appreciated New year gift from our Management!

I am playing with Linux nowadays! Especially Slackware and Debian.Guess I am falling in love with Slackware.

May you all have a wonderful year full of love,peace,contentment and happiness!

And I hope I will update my blog atleast once a week!