Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Happy to be back...!

"Happy to be back" - Commander Eileen Collins,STS-114 crew

Congratulations! Welcome back to Planet Earth.We were all anxiously waiting for your safe return.

I salute them for their bravery and for their professionalism!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A holiday which never was...!

Today early morning, one of my junior colleagues rang me up and informed that Kuwait government has declared holidays to mark respect for the deceased Saudi king - two days for the ministries and one day for private sector.Eventhough i was up and ready to go to one of our stores for looking into a server problem,i started planning what all to do to utilise the unexpected holiday. .We dont get holidays here like we used to in India or even like other parts of the world.So it was a welcome relief.But it turned out that it was a minsinformation by Asianet news! This is not the first time Asianet is misinforming mallus.They had done this "misinformation" earlier also with regards to visa regulations.Aaana koduthalum aasha kodukkaruthe Asianete!(ithippum aanayum illa "Asha"ayum illa!)

I have changed the access password for my wedding album site. Hey I have 48 gmail invites with me..if anyone wants gmail account,please write to me. connectany at gmail dot com.

I watched "Pandippada".The first half had me laughing and gasping for air.Thenkashipattanam was the other film which had made me laugh like this.(I am not counting Tom and Jerry cartoons!).The second half was so so.Harishree Asokan has staged a comeback.A few dialogues do stand out.Cochin Haneefa's " desiya pakshiyoda kali?" "de vannallo arivalum chuttikayum" ...Asokan's "methi..methi"...And the reasons Haneefa gives for running away from goondas "athinu avarkku malayalam ariyillallo....namukku tamizh ariyamallo.."

I had watched "Pauran" the week before.Though the theme was good,the film fell short of my expectations.Maybe it was because we are so used to see the hero emerging a victor in almost all films.Maybe the characters other than Jayaram couldn't stand on their own.In a few scenes,I could even easily predict what the next dialogues will be.Geethu Mohandas was overacting and didn't convince.

I am reading "Salmon of Doubt" by Douglas Adams.He is (was) funny.Period.I bought many books from the bookstore at Trivandrum international airport.I have to index and sort the books i have with me.And most important have to tidy up my room.It's a mess.The room stays tidy barely for one day..I mess it up..!

I am thinking of buying a Palm Treo650.If any of you are using it,please give me a feedback on its performance.Palm is selling the older model Treo600 in India.I wonder why? I dont want anymore Windows.So Imate is out.And moreover its too common.Everyone has it while on the other hand i haven't seen anyone using Treo here in Kuwait.Of course,there must be many users.

Its been a long time since i bought any CD or DVD.The last DVD I bought was 'Family Jewels' a double DVD by AC/DC.I want to buy Judas Priest CD of their album "Painkiller".Couldn't find it in Trivandrum. :-( But i got cds of Ted Nugent and Black Label Society. :-))

My room mate is making Prawns Biriyani....smells nice...time to leave for now..have great days all of you..!

Those who need gmail account please do send an email to my address connectany at gmail dot com.